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Members of South Carolina PCUSA Churches

The South Carolina Inn at Montreat is now taking reservations for 2023 and we accept reservations one year in advance.  Therefore, a group or individuals wishing to make a reservation for dates in 2023/24 as of the current date (now) in 2023, may make those reservations now… Call or e-mail SC Inn for the desired dates.

Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance of the stay.

Deposits of 50% of the reserved space will be due on January 15, of the year of the reservation.  For groups (10 or more guests) the deposit may be fully or partially refunded if the reservation is fully or partially cancelled 90 or more days prior to the reservation arrival date. Family and individual reservations must be cancelled 14 or more days from the reservation arrival date to receive a refund.

All other guests

Reservations are taken beginning at 8:00 a.m., February 15th, and after 9:00 a.m. during the season.

Exception: Youth Conference Reservations for Non-SC, PCUSA groups can be accepted for Youth Weeks I and VI in advance of the new year.


A reservation for 10 or more persons will be under a group contract.


All church groups making reservations with SC Inn for youth conferences will be financially responsible for 100% of the lodging space reserved at the time the group is accepted by Montreat Conference Center for that week.Rooms in the house will be billed at 2 per room with 2 twin beds, 1 or 2 for rooms with one double bed, and one for the room with the one twin bed. Additional cots are available as stated on the Rates page.

The Kirk Apartments will be billed at the 4 person rate each unless otherwise agreed upon with SC Inn management. We need to fully utilize each unit to make room for additional youth groups.

The SCI Board of Trustees made this policy change based on many groups over booking and then later canceling rooms. This change in policy puts the responsibility on the church group to get firm commitments prior to making the reservation.

Youth Conference Reservations for Non-SC, PCUSA guests will be accepted starting on January 15th! (See exception above)

All Reservations

No advance reservations will be accepted for less than the length of a conference during the “Conference Season” (June 1st – August 8th).

Two weeks before the conference starts, reservations will be accepted for all or part of the week on a first-come basis. It is preferable that weekend reservations be based on a two-night minimum (Friday & Saturday nights).
No one group may reserve more than one-half of the facility (William Brearley Home and Kirk Apartments) during the conference season. This means that a group can have the whole house or all 8 of the Kirk apts. or 4 apts. and half the house but not more than that. Before and after the season, large groups may reserve all or part of the facility.


A deposit of one-half the total base rate is required within 14 days of making a reservation. If a reservation is cancelled at least 14 days before arrival (90 days for groups), the deposit may be refunded. See exception for Youth Conferences noted above.

Reservations & Deposits

Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance and can be made for the upcoming year prior to your departure. A 50% nonrefundable deposit must be made for all reservations. Group and individual reservations are due by January 15th of the year of the reservation date. If your reservation is for the same calendar year, then your deposit is due 2 weeks prior to your stay.

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